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About Us

We're here to catch those who fall behind during the early years of life and lead the fight for equitable access to education.

We're here to end the vicious cycle that continues to disadvantage vulnerable populations.


Our vision is to end extreme poverty, one family at a time, by investing in early childhood development.​


Our mission is to provide access to universal high-quality early childhood education for every child in need, in Egypt.​

Allowing effective transition to schools by integrating national educational plans with quality Montessori preschool education and relevant curriculum.​

Empowering women through employment and ongoing professional development.​

Collaborating with the government through impact-based methodologies and capacity building.​

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Values

We responsibly serve the community to build a better world for children, working effectively with relevant stakeholders to achieve common goals. Remaining true to our mandate in supporting equitable access to quality education, we ensure our core values are embedded in everything we do.​

Impact Driven​

Empowerment, Voice and Accountability​​

Quality and Collaboration ​​

Psychological Safety​​

Security and Safety​

Net3allem's Program

Our framework

We believe that children's brain and bodies need nurture to help them survive, thrive and reach their full potential. We follow UNICEF's Nurturing Care Framework, that is locally adapted to the needs of every community we serve:​

nuturing care framework

Our Model

   Women Employment

  • Women from the community apply as teachers for the program​.

  • Accepted applicants receive extensive Montessori training prior to teaching.​

   2 Years of Pre-School ​

  • Students receive Montessori education in: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language (Arabic & English), Cultural Studies and Religion.

School Sponsorship Program

  • Net3allem funds alumni public school education. ​

  • Private tutoring for students after school to provide additional support and mentorship.

Parent Workshops

  • Parents learn about hygiene, affordable nutrition, sexual harassment and violence. ​

  • Parents enroll in literacy programs.

Our Team

We have a strong team with a range of expertise working with us at Net3allem. ​

Core team

Safaa Ismail​

Co-founder of Net3allem & Pre-school Principal

Safaa has over 14 years of education experience and a total of 25 years of professional experience. Safaa is Montessori (IM '15) certified and has a masters in economics. 

Amina Elgamal

Co-founder of Net3allem and CEO​

Amina Elgamal is a masters graduate from the Education and Entrepreneurship program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concertation in early childhood. Amina was selected as the only international fellow for the Saul Zaentz Initiative- a fellowship focusing on building a pipeline of leaders in the early childhood space. ​

Prior to her full-time transition into education, Amina has worked in brand management, corporate social responsibility and corporate communication at Nestle for six years. ​

Amina is working with the Saul Zaentz Initiative at Harvard to cultivate optimal early learning environments and experiences through professional learning. 

Enas Abousafi

Co-founder of Net3allem & Fundraising Specialist

Enas is an M.A. graduate of the American University in Cairo. She has passion for  education and development for many years and has been invested in Net3allem since its initiation.

Khalil Endisha​

Volunteers and Outreach Coordinator

Khalil is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Political Science and Minor in Environmental Studies. After graduation he worked for Environment America’s Fundraising team. Khalil is currently using what he has learned over the years along with established and growing networks here in Egypt to help share the incredible gift of education.

+ 42 Employees from the community
+ 12 Volunteers ​

Advisory Board

Mariam Tag

Mariam Tag | LinkedIn

Consultant at Net3allem​

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