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Impact Stories

Ahmed's Story

Before Net3allem, Ahmed was deprived of his childhood, potential and the opportunity to attend school. Trapped in poverty, he was obliged to join his father in garbage collection to earn a living. ​

After Net3allem, Ahmed attended two years of quality preschool education. His body was nourished with a nutritious meal every day at Net3allem school. He learned self-hygiene and care.  Ahmed is now fully-funded for 12 years of education. He has a better employment and earning potential in life, and a brighter future awaiting him.


Ahmed’s story is one of thousands at Net3allem​

Theory of Change​

Core Elements​​

  • Pre-school education​

  • Nutrition and hygiene for the kids​

  • Employment of women in local community​

  • Parent Workshops​

  • Support for alumni school children​

Behavior Change​​

  • Parents send their kids to school every day​

  • Kids stay in school and pay attention​

  • Community supports the school and become engaged in it (e.g., as teachers or cooks)​

Outcomes (Intermediate)​​

  • Child labor reduced as kids achieve education persistence ​

  • Women employment increases family income​

  • Better parenting: less abuse/ violence in the household​

Outcomes (Ultimate)​​

  • Kids are provided better foundation to succeed in school ​

  • Better educational outcomes help kids increase their earning potential and break out of the poverty cycle​

math student Net3allem.png

Our Impact in Numbers

Our achievements to date, were made possible by the generous contributions received to help paint a brighter future for children.​ 

Before Net3allem


Illiteracy  rate amongst the children


Illiteracy rate amongst parents

After Net3allem


Students go to Tagrebi Schools​


School Persistence


of students graduate with second grade literacy and numeracy proficiency​


Parents enrolled in Net3allem’s Literacy Programs


Parents equipped to support their child’s development and education after Net3allem’s workshops

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