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Empower. Learn. Thrive.

  • ​​Net3allem, Arabic for "To Learn Collectively", is a project under the umbrella of Bedaya for Charitable Activities.

  • The project aims to eradicate poverty by employing women and investing in high quality pre-school Montessori education in the communities we serve and beyond.

  • This is achieved through collaborations with various governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, in partnership with The Ministry of Social Solidarity.

our reality

Research shows that 90% of brain development happens before the age of 5.​ ​


The learning foundations established during those early years of life, are built to last. ​


Lack of quality early childhood education denies children the chance to reach their full potential. It limits their future and reduces their chances of lifelong health, employment and earning potential later in life.​​


“What is one of the best ways a country can boost shared prosperity, promote inclusive economic growth, expand equitable opportunity, and end extreme poverty? The answer is simple: Invest in early childhood development.”

– Early Childhood Development, UNICEF


Net3allem has served over

and we are committed to serve many more.​


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our Solution

Our solution is three-fold: 

1. We empower teachers by providing professional development workshops for optimal teaching and learning environments. We directly train women from the community to become teachers at our own pre-schools or indirectly through partnerships with NGOs, acting as their professional development providers.  

2.  We give our students at Net3allem a safe space to learn and growStudents graduate from Net3allem with Grade 2 Egyptian curriculum proficiency, enabling them to excel in school.​​

3. We give parent workshops, guide parents to follow play-based child-parent interaction and raise awareness to tackle common myths within the community. 


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